Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gameday Recap

Got that mighty close view. Second in front!

After going to ESPN Gameday yesterday, I am convinced that there is no other single school in the nation that has as much school spirit as VT. Saturday was just one of the many ways to prove this true. Arriving four and a half hours early at 6:00 (ON A SATURDAY MORNING) for the ESPN Gameday showing, I thought I would be one of the 'hardcore' Hokie fans. This was not to be. There must have been well over 150 students already there at the time, with a small group who had even camped out all night. With all the people there, I was fortunate enough to hustle my way to the second row though of the people waiting and eventually get a good view of the event. Later on when the show had gotten underway I asked those in front of me how long they have been standing in line to wait, to which they replied 1:30 A.M.

Wow--standing upright in place for 9 hours just to get a front-row view of the Gameday. Classic.

Hokie school spirit was even more noticeable by the amount of hostitility the crowd showed. After it was all said and done yesterday, we Virginia Tech fans made two things obvious: We hate anything non-Hokie, and we really hate Lee Corso. In fact, with tons of signs anti-Corso, one student came with a sign saying "We Love Our Corso", to which other students yelled to him fight threats, names, and even chants of "Go Home!"

Even worse though were the signs directed at Georgia Tech quarterback Reggie Ball, who was diagnosed with viral meningitis last weekend. Some signs were extremely clever and funny, making you laugh out loud. At the same time though, they just made you shake your head in disbelief, they were so wrong. A fan on my left jokingly said it best, after viewing some of the signs in the crowd by stating, "Virginia Tech has no soul." All I could do was laugh at an innocent comment like that, but after actually putting some thought into it, I realized, damn we really are mean!

With that being said, here are a couple of the signs I saw and remember:

1. Got Meningitis?
2. Reggie, Please Don't Get Us Sick
3. I'd rather have two Vicks than one Ball
4. My Tech is Bigger Than Yours
5. Ron Mexico For President
6. Georgia Tech Was My Safety School
7. I Dare You To Pick Georgia Tech (Displayed over a picture of lightning striking Lane Stadium, and assumedly Lee Corso's rental car)
8. She looked 18
9. Running with Imoh-tion
10. Our Jimmy is BIgger Than Your Johnson
11. Choose wisely, Corso (With lightning striking his car in the background)
12. A Little Vick is better than One Ball
13. Corso, Who Ya' Pickin'? (With a cloud and lightning underneath)
14. 1 Man; 1 Plane: 64 Beers; Boggs; 3:16
15. Wade Boggs Cheats at Candyland
Yes, I was standing right in front of the students holding these Wade Boggs signs, with #14 on the front, and #15 on the back. Withstanding a lie, they told me that they were responsible for making the infamous sign a couple years back stating "Wade Boggs once drank 64 Beers on a cross-country flight." For being so random it received significant airtime on ESPN's debate show "Pardon the Interruption", as well as even forcing Wade Boggs to silence rumors by publicly stating that the sign was not true.

The people responsible for those signs were definitely some of the most creative and funniest people I ever met. Made the Gameday experience that much more fun. Later on, after the showing was done, it was great to watch the Battle of the Techs, with the real one coming out on top. Go Hokies! I honestly thought though of this game to be a close one, not a 51-7 blowout amongst two of the best teams in the ACC. WIth this win I really don't see anyone giving us a real challenge except Miami in November. Our defense is too strong and the Imoh/Humes/Vick combination in the backfield is unstoppable and too durable for anyone to put a lockdown on.

So with the convincing win, is it time to start crying out "Pasadena?"

Hm, not exactly, so in the mean time, let's stick with "See you in Jacksonville."

Until then, West Virginia next week.


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