Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Here's a thought.

While discussing with a friend today about the Sunday game, one topic that arised was how the ESPN program showing the broadcast spent so much time airtime on former Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick.

In a way, it got so annoying that even people who I were watching the game with were joking, "They're showing Michael more than the players on the field."

Now, I do remember all the coverage being shown of Vick, and it did seem like they spent a majority of the telecast focused on him. Yet it was said after one interview with the Atlanta quarterback of how the older Vick was hesitant to do the interview because he "didn't want to take the spotlight off of his his younger brother, Marcus".

I found that in itself to be hypocritcal, bringing me to the point that was brought up amongst my friend and that I wanted to address.

If you're Michael Vick, one of the NFL's biggest playmakers and most popular players, why do you even show up to this game? Just doing that takes the spotlight away from your brother, as was clearly obvious on Sunday. When you are one of the most recognizable statures in the game in football, you're going to grab attention.

Now, giving Michael the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure Marcus wanted him there, consoling him down by the field. But back to looking at what Michael said, even if you do attend the game, why do you stand amongst the sidelines where everybody can see you? We all know that that right there is going to get you lots of attention. Why not just sit in the stands like everybody else, or join the other celebrities and other figures up in the press box?

When it all boils down it just didn't add up. Not that it's that big of a deal, but it makes you wonder. I'm sure Michael is aware of he's doing, maybe he just wants a little extra PR. So in the end if Michael really meant what he said, in the future he will just act like any other VIrginia Tech fan, and watch it from behind the sidelines, not along them.

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