Monday, September 26, 2005

Hokies 51, Yellow Jackets 7

Saturday's demolishing of Georgia Tech Saturday made one thing clear -- we are the team to beat in the ACC.

Our squad is strong in every aspect of the game. The passing attack tears teams apart. The running game literally runs over people. Special teams? You saw what happened Saturday. And how can you forget the play of our defense, which has the ability to completely change the outcome of each and every game has only allowed two touchdowns on the season.

We are lookin' damn good.

On the year Tech has outscored its four opponents by a total of 161-23.

These lopsided games are starting to get out of hand. Aside from N.C. State in the opener, this season has been a bore for Hokie fans, especially for myself.

So to West Virginia, Marshall, Maryland, Boston College, Miami, North Carolina, and Virginia, can you please give us somewhat of a challenge, perhaps losing by only a touchdown or two, not six? I'm getting tired of having to watch these 40-odd point blowouts.

With that being said though, back to talking about the game (which held my interest for a little over half an hour, mind you).

The first half was all Virginia Tech, and the first quarter was all Jeff King. #90 was puttin' it down on them Georgia boys. The senior tight end came out of the gates runnin', starting things off nicely with a 12-yard touchdown to put Tech on the board.

7-0 Hokies. First quarter.

A big King play was followed by an even bigger King play, with the senior makin' the block on a Yellow Jacket field goal try right into the hands of D.J. Parker, who took it 75 yards to the house.

14-0 Hokies. End of first quarter.

King's big plays were follwed by a Tech field goal and a Mike Imoh touchdown.

24-0 Hokies. End of first half.

At that point, with only half of the game said and done with, it wasn't even a question that Georgia Tech had already lost. The Yellow Jackets looked so bad that fans were beginning to expect the shutout. All that hype and talk about this game being a close battle were already thrown out. The close, tight matchup that I had been excited for was now a dissapointing contest that had the Duke/Ohio-blowout written all over it.

The second half was even more dissapointing, because GT basically rolled over and died. It was obvious to see how those guys took no pride in the way they played. It seemed as if they gave up before the half even started. Aside from their one touchdown score by Calvin Johnson (the only Yellow Jacket who DID come to play), they looked disgusting, and it was satisfying to see our defense completely shut them down.

Moving on with the game, those late third-quarter interceptions for touchdowns by Xavier Adibi and Chris Ellis just put the icing on the cake. It was good to see hometown Hampton, VA reppin' (Adibi went to Phoebus and Ellis went to Bethel, both in the Hampton area).

One thought though, following Adibi's score, what was that little dance by defensive lineman Darryl Tapp? Was the big man two-steppin? Nothing like seein' a 300-pound grown-ass man dance. Beamer might have to get that under control though, for who knows, next week we could see Marcus Vick gettin' his dance on, only to have some wild 15 year olds come to join in from the sideline.

On a more serious note though, I was very impressed with the defensive play of Beamer's squad. With this caliber of a blowout against a respected team in Georgia Tech, I'm not so sure if I see any other team in the conference giving us a true challenge. West Virginia on Saturday could be tough, and there's always Miami, but in dealing with both of those teams, our talented defense would just prove too much for the two teams, and just completely overwhelm them.

Breaking down the offensive statistics, Marcus Vick had another respectable game, going 13-18 for 222 yards and a touchdown. Mike Imoh and Cedric Humes led the ground attack, combining for 97 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries. Another impressive aspect of the game was how the Hokies did not turn the ball over at all. Compare that to the dismal play of the Yellow Jackets, who coughed the ball up a grand total of three times and you can see why which team got blown out by 44 points.

With this win, I can't stress the fact of how lopsided these recent games have been. Granted, they've only been against cupcake teams in Duke, Ohio, and a Georgia Tech squad that isn't exactly your ACC powerhouse, I'm waiting for another N.C. State thriller, in which you get to see two teams play, instead of just one. West Virginia this weekend could just be another one of those games that I've been waiting for during the past couple weeks, but you never know -- we did say that all of last week.

So until then -- better get'r'dunn out thurr in West Vur-jin-ya! I'm countin' on it!

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