Tuesday, October 04, 2005

B-C-S showing V-T some L-O-V-E

While browsing All Things Longhorn, a pro-UT blog, I came across one of their posts today mentioning how Virginia Tech basically has the ability to snatch that #2 spot from Texas, even if both teams were to win out and go undefeated.

The article, though posted on ATL, comes courtesy of Fanblogs. Here are a few tidbits that wrap up the overall message:

"...An undefeated ACC champ might leap a #2 poll team into the BCS because of the lower computer ranking, something the BCS haters are bound to love.

...If Texas runs the table, as they should, then you've got a #2 team that could actually need help in the computer polls.

...I'm not sure Texas has the computer rankings to make it into the #2 BCS slot."

So ultimately the Hokies might not need the Trojans or Longhorns to drop a game in order to nab that Rose Bowl berth. If we win out and continue to perform well, in the end the BCS should favor our strength of schedule and give us the coveted trip to Cali.

Here's hoping.

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