Thursday, October 27, 2005

Could'nt Have Said It Better Myself

Had to post this valid argument by Brian, one reader who posted this follow-up comment in my article about who deserves to be the number one team in the nation, "What Does It Take To Be..."

"First, lets compare the Big 12 to the ACC. Currently, there are three members of the Big 12 that are in the top 25 of the BCS standings. They are Texas (rated #1), Texas Tech (#16), and Colorado (#24).

Now lets see how many members of the ACC are in the top 25 of the BCS. There is Virginia Tech (#3), Miami (#7), Florida State (#10), an Boston College (#14). Of the ACC teams in the top 25 of the BCS, ALL are in the top 15, and 3 of the 4 are in the top ten.

Out of the three Big 12 teams in the top 25 of the BCS, only one is in the top 15, that being Texas.

Compartively speaking, the top of the ACC is much better then the top of the Big 12 this year.

Now, presuming both Virginia Tech and Texas go undefeated the rest of the way, Virginia Tech will have defeated 4 teams in the top 20 of the BCS standings (Miami, Florida State, Boston College, and West Virginia) while Texas would have only defeated 2 (Ohio State, and Texas Tech).

If this happens, and that is a big if, then there is no doubt that Virginia Tech's strength of schedule will have been much stronger then Texas'.

The question, if both Tech and Texas go undefeated, seems to be which team will have accumulated more 'style' points. Or, how badly can they beat their opponents. Given the record of Texas' remaining opponents, odds are that Texas will accumulate more of these 'style' points, because Texas teams like to run up the score.

If that's the case, Va Tech will most likely be on the outside looking in (though I certainly hope they aren't)."


trot said...

Not to start flaming or whatever, but Texas' scores are a bit one-sided, but they aren't running up the score. I watch every Texas game, and I have watched quite a few VaTech games, so I say this from a fairly objective point of view. VaTech had opportunities to score last night that they didn't capitalize on. Had they, BC could've lost 44-10, and then people would be accusing VaTech of running up the score.
Fact of the matter, coaches want their players to play through the third quarter at least, regardless of scores. Against Texas Tech, Texas scored a majority of their points in the first half. What would you expect Mack Brown to do? Sit his starters after one half? No way any college coach would do that, regardless of score or competition.
Virginia Tech is in a raw position, and as a Horns fan, I really to sympathize. Why? Because if VaTech goes undefeated, Texas could be on the outside looking in. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see a team get left out. It's just now how sports should be played. But there's no point in badmouthing a team for "running up" the score when that isn't the truth.

Brian said...

What I was saying is this: Texas has a weak remaining schedule (whom they should be able to score a lot of points on), Virginia Tech does not have a weak remaining schedule (meaning odds are we will not score as many points on the tough teams). Because voters are human, they can, and do look at 'style' points. If Texas wins out, and scores a lot of points (over 40 per game), they will probably accumulate enough style points with voters to keep them in the number 2 spot in the human polls, which make up a big chunk of the BCS.

So, my argument, put another way, is that if Texas wins out, and goes to the Rose bowl, they will have gotten there because they have scored a lot of points against weak teams.

We can vary on the definition of running up the score, but for more information on Texas teams (not just Texas, but Texas Tech, and Texas A&M, go to: The article to which I refer is almost at the end of the page.