Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hokes 30, Eagles 10

For those who watched the game, you'll probably agree when I say that the score in its own right was misleading, as Virginia Tech basically dominated the Eagles from start to finish. Playing at home where the Hokies are almost unbeatable, Virginia Tech simply overhwhelmed BC on both sides of the ball, causing it to be quite a onesided match.

In looking at such a huge game for both teams, the stat line speaks wonders -- take a look:
StatisticVirginia TechBoston College
Score 30 10
Total Yards 502 208
Passing Yards 280 156
Rushing Yards 222 52
First Downs 26 10
Total Plays 82 54
Avg. Gain Per Play 6.1 3.9
Avg. Gain Per Rush 4.2 2.5
Avg. Gain Per Pass 9.7 4.7
Turnovers 1 2

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