Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hokes to wear new jerseys in Boston College game

While heading to campus today, I picked up a copy of the school paper, the Collegiate Times, and while browsing through it found the article "Boston College game notes: Nike unveils new jersey for Hokies." Here is part of the piece, as written by Sports Editor Adam Abramson:

"Virginia Tech is one of four schools to wear a new jersey design by Nike. Tech's new threads include an orange left shoulder to go along with the sleeves many Hokies have been wearing. When asked about Virginia Tech's new jerseys the team will be sporting Thursday night, senior cornerback Jimmy Williams smiled.

When the Hokies walk into Lane Stadium to face Boston College, fans will notice that the left shoulder of the "modified" home jerseys is now orange. Nike has remodeled Tech's uniform along with the jerseys of University of Southern California, the University of Miami and the University of Oregon to complement college football's newest fashion statement set by the likes of Williams, Marcus Vick, Roland Minor and many other Hokie players.

This season, the majority of Tech's players have been wearing one long orange sleeve on the left arm and a long maroon sleeve on the right. Thursday, this look will be enhanced by the new jersey, something that excites Williams.

"I feel like I look good out there, I look pretty out there. I can only feel good and play good if I look pretty out there," Williams said. "We deserve these new jerseys, it puts us up there with the elite teams."


actionBERG said...

Is the only realy difference the left sleeve?

Andrew said...

Yes, as far as I know everything else remains the same.

I, myself, however, think it looks ridiculous.

KL said...

I agree...looks silly.

If they lose (which they won't!) the shirt is history.

Why do they want to mess with stuff like this when we're undefeated? It makes me uneasy.

It's causing my Red Sox fan nerve to twitch.

actionBERG said...

I am more of a fan of throwback uniforms. The ones the Longhorns wore early this season were sweet.