Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thanks for nothin' Notre Dame

With Texas blowing out Colorado and Notre Dame letting USC squeak by for the win in the dying seconds of the fourth quarter, another week with Tech having to remain ranked third in the college polls is inevitable.

Worries have to arise for Hokie fans everywhere as USC and Texas seem to have already beaten their last legitimate challenges of the season. Both the Trojans and Longhorns look to coast towards the end of the year as their schedules ease up quite a bit.

So with that being said, the shot of a likely upset against NCAA's 1 and 2 teams respectively looks rather grim. Though USC has looked suspect at times in the past few games (Oregon, ASU, Arizona, and Notre Dame), I'd say the Fighting Irish came as close to beating the Trojans as any other team this season will. Unfortunately, testing the number one team in the nation and not winning won't do much for your ranking, and it won't do much for ours as well.

So, quite frankly, thanks for nothin' Notre Dame.

With the win at South Bend, is there really any thought that USC won't go undefeated? I mean, who's going to knock them off...UCLA?

Looking at the Longhorns though, they too have been able to win their 'big' games this season, with those games essentially being wins over Ohio State and an Oklahoma team in a rare rebuilding year. The rest of their schedule seems to be a breeze, although arguments could be made as Texas Tech and Texas A&M being considered potentially tough matchups.

So excluding either the Longhorns or Hokies lose a game, the idea has already arisen amongst the NCAA of how the BCS would probably favor VT's strength of schedule going into the Rose Bowl, as opposed to that of UT's. With the concept of both teams going into Bowl season undefeated, an unbeaten Hokie teams with wins over a tough ACC (N.C. State, West Virginia, Miami, Boston College, Virginia, North Carolina, and possibly Florida State) would be practically home-free by the BCS in heading to Pasadena.

So to Beamer and company, just keep winnin' baby, and as ironic as this sounds, the BCS will take care of the rest.

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