Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Turkey Talk BlogPoll Week 8

Just got in on this, the weekly "BlogPoll" in which a number of college football blog users contribute their top 25 picks. The following are mine:

1. USC (Number one in my mind until they lose)
2. Texas (Vince Young is the offense)
3. Virginia Tech (Bye week)
4. Alabama (Big game this weekend against Tennessee)
5. Georgia (Not as good as Alabama)
6. Miami (3rd-best in ACC)
7. LSU (Host a sleeping giant in Auburn this Saturday)
8. Notre Dame (Controversial ending to a tough loss)
9. UCLA (Only last true challenge to bring down USC)
10. Florida State (Upset by UVA? Be serious)
11. Penn State (Last second breakdown to a slumping Michigan squad)
12. Texas Tech (6-0, but on course to get crushed by Texas this weekend)
13. Ohio State (Solid win over MSU)
14. Boston College (Come back from down 17-0 to beat Wake Forest 35-30)
15. Oregon (One of three 6-win teams in Pac-10)
16. Auburn (After opening loss to GT, have quietly won 5 straight)
17. Tennessee (Sucks)
18. Florida (Have the bye week to prepare for their biggest game of the year)
19. Wisconsin (Special teams comes up big, and I mean big)
20. West Virginia (Slaton's stats against Lousiville: 31 carries, 188 yards, 5 TDs)
21. Michigan State (Learn how to count to 11)
22. TCU (Improve to 6-1 in pushover conference)
23. Virginia (Defense comes through, causing three FSU turnovers)
24. Fresno State (Cupcake schedule so far)
25. California (High-scoring offense led by Forsett holding it down)

Games I watched:
USC @ Notre Dame (All)
Michigan State @ Ohio State (2nd Half)
Alabama @ Mississippi (4th Quater)
Wisconsin @ Minnesota (4th Quarter)
Florida @ LSU (1st Half)

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