Monday, October 24, 2005

Turkey Talk BlogPoll Week 9

1. USC (PIck your poison; Bush plays quietly, yet Leinart goes off for 4 TDs in USC's 51-24 win)
2. Texas (Destroy yet another Big XII opponent in Texas Tech)
3. Virginia Tech (Tough games ahead against ACC rivals Boston College, Miami, and UVA)
4. Alabama (Convert on late Tennessee fumble to win in Tuscaloosa)
5. Georgia (No D.J. Shockley + Upcoming games against Florida and Auburn = Losses for UGA)
6. UCLA (I would love to see this team beat USC)
7. Miami (Yet to beat a legit opponent)
8. LSU (Gets a must-needed win against an underrated Auburn squad)
9. Notre Dame (Blow out BYU but still have to be depressed over USC fiasco)
10. Penn State (Absolutely demolish Illinois, 63-10)
11. Florida State (Did this team really give up 24 points to the Duke Blue Devils?)
12. Oregon (Get the win over Arizona Saturday but lose QB Kellen Clemens for the year)
13. Ohio State (Hard to lose when you outgain your opponent 504-160 in offensive yardage)
14. Boston College (One of the ACC's better teams hoping to beat Virginia Tech this Thursday)
15. Wisconsin (Defense lifts the Badgers to win over the Boilermakers)
16. Florida (Bye week)
17. Auburn (Come into the Bayou and almost upset the Tigers)
18. Texas Tech (Second best in the Big XII)
19. West Virginia (Game postponed)
20. TCU (Light up opponent Air Force for another lopsided win)
21. Northwestern (QB Basanez goes off for 4 scores in NW's crushing of the Spartans)
22. Fresno State (See #6)
23. California (See #6)
24. Tennessee (Hang with the Crimson Tide for 57 minutes, blow it in the last three)
25. Michigan (Wolverines pull out yet another late-game thriller)

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