Monday, October 17, 2005

Virginia Tech -- On the Outside Looking In?

The first BCS polls were released today, and accordingly so, CNNSI writer Stewart Mandel contributed this piece on the polls. With that being said, here is the bulk of the write-up.

"Based on the first BCS standings released Monday, USC and Texas appear to have a stranglehold on the Nos. 1 and 2 spots if they both continue winning. In fact, the gap between the No. 2 Longhorns and No. 3 Virginia Tech (.0457) is actually larger than the one between the Trojans and Texas (.0287).

The Longhorns currently hold commanding leads over the Hokies in both the Harris (129 points among 113 voters) and Coaches' (64 points out of 62 voters) polls, and have an average computer ranking of second, compared with fourth for the Hokies. Many have theorized that Virginia Tech, with what appears to be a stronger remaining schedule (games against 6-1 Boston College and 5-1 Miami and a potential ACC title date against 5-1 Florida State), would surpass Texas (which faces 6-0 Texas Tech this week in its last scheduled game against a current top-25 team) if both were to win out. That may have been true under the old BCS formula, where strength of schedule was its own component, but under the new system, where two human polls account for 66 percent of the equation, Virginia Tech (as well as fellow undefeateds Georgia and Alabama) are likely helpless unless USC or Texas lose or unexpectedly drop down in voters' ballots."

As a Hokie fan, definitely the reality I don't want to face.

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Nacho said...

I am praying for Texas Tech to take down the Longhorns this weekend. And the last game of the season for USC is UCLA...which could prove to be an upset.

Go Hokies!