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Virginia Tech - North Carolina Info

North Carolina Tarheels (5-5 Overall, 4-3 Conference)
@ #5 Virginia Tech Hokies (9-1 Overall, 6-1 Conference)

Time: Saturday, November 26 @ 7:45 PM
Venue: Blacksburg, VA (Lane Stadium)
Series: VT leads 13-9-6
Last Meeting: Nov. 6, 2004 - W, 27-24
Television Coverage: ESPN
Radio Coverage: 100.7 FM and 980 AM

2005 Completed Games
Virginia Tech (9-1)North Carolina (5-3)
Sun, Sep 4 at North Carolina State W; 20-16 Sat, Sep 3 Bye
Sat, Sep 10 at Duke W; 45-0 Sat, Sep 10 at (17) Georgia Tech L; 27-21
Sat, Sep 17 Ohio W; 45-0 Sat, Sep 17 Wisconsin L; 14-5
Sat, Sep 24 (15) Georgia Tech W; 51-7 Sat, Sep 24 at N.C. State W; 31-24
Sat, Oct 1 at (20) West Virginia W; 34-17 Sat, Oct 1 Utah W; 31-17
Sat, Oct 8 Marshall W; 41-14 Sat, Oct 8 at (23) Louisville L; 69-14
Thu, Oct 20 at Maryland W; 28-9 Sat, Oct 15 Bye
Thu, Oct 27 (13) Boston College W; 30-10 Sat, Oct 22 (23) Virginia W; 7-5
Thu, Nov 3 (5) Miami L; 7-27 Sat, October 29 at (6) Miami L: 34-16
Sat, Nov 12 Bye Sat, Nov 12 Maryland L; 33-30
Sat, Nov 19 Virginia W; 52-14 Sat, Nov 19 Duke W; 24-21

Monday, November 21, 2005

Friday, November 18, 2005

5 Questions with UVA blogger Ian Cohen

With the VT/UVA clash approaching tomorrow, pro-Cavalier blog Sexy Results author Ian Cohen and I decided to run through a few exchanges in words in looking at the highly anticipated game. Here are his words, and you can check out mine here.

TT: Virginia has been one extremely unpredictable team this year, showing glimpses of greatness in their win over then 4th ranked Florida State, and then flashes of mediocrity in their 5-7 loss to the unranked Tarheels. Of the the two totally different Virginia teams that showed up in these two games, explain which of these two Cavalier squads that showed up to play is an accurate representation of how good UVA really is.

SR: As time goes on, I think the UNC loss is mostly a result of poor playcalling and Hagans being unquestionably injured after the FSU game. If he was anything over 50%, that game is ours. By the same token, he was about 150% during the FSU game, so that was also kind of a fluke. I think the Georgia Tech game showed us the UVA team that will most likely show up on Saturday. Lundy and Snelling finally seem like they're at full strength, our defense is getting healthier, and most importantly, it's a home game. That being said, VT is far better than GT, a fact which they proved to the tune of 44 points.

TT: With Virginia Tech coming out on top last year in Blacksburg to win the always highly anticipated Battle of the Commonwealth, as a UVA fan, how much did that bother you? Is the avengeful mindset the same for all Cavalier fans around the nation, especially on campus? In what way(s) would you like to see the Cavaliers take advantage of and hopefully beat the Hokies?

SR: The easiest way for us to take advantage of VT's weakness would be let you guys rot in the Big East, but obviously, we were more class than that. To be quite honest, losing to Tech doesn't bother us as much as you think it would. Considering
VT's "all your eggs in one basket" approach to its athletic program, which has produced a grand total of zero NCAA championships, we figure that it's supposed to be that way. Any win we get is sweet, but there's absolutely no UVA student that would agree to fundamentally altering our school or lowering our standards to win more games against Tech.

TT: In your opinion, who is the better quarterback? Marcus or Marcques? How so?

SR: Depends what you mean by "better." Marcus is obviously more of a raw talent as a QB, but don't forget that Marques has spent time as a kick returner and a WR (he had a pretty good day against D'Angelo Hall in 2003). I imagine that Marques will end up in the NFL as a Randle-El type. I would argue that Marques has been more valuable to his team this year. With the way Tech's defense has been playing, Marcus just needs to not fuck up completely in order to win games. Witness the Miami game; VT's defense did the best they could, but when your QB turns the ball over six times, that's not gonna cut it. While Marcus is a dangerous weapon, I don't think VT's record would've been all that different if Bryan Randall was still back there. VT's wins have been by such great margins that you can't pinpoint a single game that Marcus won himself. As for Marques, UVA's probably 4-5 if anyone else is at QB, since he won the FSU and Syracuse games almost by himself. Thus, I'd say that Marques is more valuable to his team.

TT: Like you mentioned, Virginia Tech won't be having Mike Imoh to carry the ball come gametime on Saturday. With that being said, who do you feel will have the more effective running game? UVA with Lundy and Johnson, or VT with Humes and Ore?

SR: I can't say whether Michael Johnson is back at 100%, but the combo you need to look out for is Lundy and Snelling. VT has too much speed on the sides for UVA to get fancy with their running attack, and Snelling is a bulldozer who has been getting a lot of looks at tailback recently. VT is a team that scores quickly and gets a ton of three-and-outs, so UVA's going to try to slow things down. So don't expect a lot of sweeps that could get us in 2nd and 14 situations.

UVA had modest success running against VT last year in spite of the fact that our playcalling begged them to put at least nine in the box. While VT's secondary is typically outstanding, Groh has far more confidence in Hagans' passing, so unlike in last year's game where we attempted 14 passes, there will be more commitment to keeping VT honest.

With all that in mind, VT's ground game will win the day until further notice. UVA's done a good job of shutting down some of the better RB's they've faced (Rhodes, Daniels), but this is the same team that got gashed by BC and Maryland. Though our stats against FSU, UNC and GT give me confidence that those days are behind us, we're still not at VT's level in terms of defense.

TT: Lastly, give an overall prediction on Saturday's matchup, and I'm dying to know, what do YOU guys REALLY think about VT?

SR: See my most recent post for predictions. I'm hoping against hope here, seeing as how the last time someone named Vick manned the controls, it wasn't even close. In fact, I'm guessing there's a better chance that VT wins by 30 than there is of them winning by 3.

As for what we think about Tech, I'd say it's a cocktail composed of equal parts indifference and pity. Indifference because nearly everyone at UVA had the chance to get accepted to and attend Tech or anywhere else in Virginia, and chose not to. Pity because other people didn't have that option, and spend their first year trying to get their grades up instead of partying so we'll accept their transfer applications.

Just about every other school in Virginia, save for W&L, likes to bash UVA kids for being "pretentious" and "snobs." In other words, we get called out for thinking we're better than everyone else. Well, if you went to the school in Virginia with the most stringent admissions requirements, best overall athletic program, most beautiful campus and coeds, most successful and famous alumni, the most storied social scene, was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and all that happened to be in what was voted the #1 city to live in America, you'd think you were the shit too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Student Ticket Issue

While going to class today, I was able to read a bit of the Collegiate Times, the student-run newspaper for the Virginia Tech campus. In doing so I found this article by staff writer Nick Vranas or T-Bone as he likes to call himself, complaining about the student ticket lottery, primarily for season basketball tickets. He urges the university to implement a point system rewarding all those who go in attendance, similar to what UNC Chapel HIll does with their ticket program. Here is a brief part of the piece:

"It sounds weird that a season ticket group should have the band in front of them, but that's where my friends and I have season tickets at, Row Z, "Zab's Favs, 'Fo Sho'." My group is 15 seniors who have been to just about every game in four years, starting with the 79-77 loss to Wofford College in 2002 -- disgusting to say the least. We camped out for seats freshman and sophomore year and had season tickets in the inaugural year of the system, getting them in the third row but have nothing to show for our loyalty and dedication.

This past weekend, I was looking down at my third row seats from last year and there were students clad in black and pink and red sitting during the final minutes of the Bowling Green game. The row in front of that was empty. I almost threw up, and not just from the swallowing blood from my high altitude nosebleed, but when I saw kids who I know are sophomores and freshmen sitting in those prime seats."

On that note, my season tickets came in the mail the other day, and I got Row D, the fourth row from the floor. Chyea.

The Enemy Speaks

Read Virginia Cavalier head coach Al Groh's transcript from his press conference yesterday. He addresses several aspects of the game, including the Hokies defense, their success, and quarterback Marcus Vick, among other topics.

Virginia Tech - Virginia Info

In light of the incredibly dissapointing loss to Miami combined with ridiculous amounts of school work here at Virginia Tech, I haven't been writing lately, but that should change, especially as with the Battle of the Commonwealth game approaching this Saturday.

#7 Virginia Tech Hokies (8-1 Overall, 5-1 Conference)
@ Virginia Cavaliers (6-3 Overall, 3-3 Conference)

Time: Saturday, November 19 @ 12:00 PM
Venue: Charlottesville, VA (Scott Stadium)
Series: VT leads 44-37-5
Last Meeting: Nov. 27, 2004 - W, 24-10
Television Coverage: ESPN
Radio Coverage: 100.7 FM and 980 AM

2005 Completed Games
Virginia Tech (8-1)Virginia (6-3)
Sun, Sep 4 at North Carolina State W; 20-16 Sat, Sep 3 Western Michigan W; 31-19
Sat, Sep 10 at Duke W; 45-0 Sat, Sep 10 Bye
Sat, Sep 17 Ohio W; 45-0 Sat, Sep 17 at Syracuse W; 27-24
Sat, Sep 24 (15) Georgia Tech W; 51-7 Sat, Sep 24 Duke W; 38-7
Sat, Oct 1 at (20) West Virginia W; 34-17 Sat, Oct 1 at Maryland L; 33-45
Sat, Oct 8 Marshall W; 41-14 Sat, Oct 8 at (18) Boston College L; 17-28
Thu, Oct 20 at Maryland W; 28-9 Sat, Oct 15 (4) Florida State W; 26-21
Thu, Oct 27 (13) Boston College W; 30-10 Sat, Oct 22 at North Carolina L; 5-7
Thu, Nov 3 (5) Miami L; 7-27 Sat, Nov 5 Temple W; 51-3
Sat, Nov 12 Bye Sat, Nov 12 (24) Georgia Tech W; 27-17

Virginia Starters
QB - #18 Marques Hagans (5-10, 207, Sr.)RE - #96 Brennan Schmidt (6-3, 269, Sr.)
RB - #33 Wali Lundy (6-1, 212, Sr.)RT - #98 Kwakou Robinson (6-4, 327, Sr.)
FB - #38 Jason Snelling (6-1, 228, Jr.)LE - #91 Chris Long (6-4, 265, So.)
SE - #83 Ottowa Anderson (6-0, 186, Sr.)OLB - #57 Jermaine Dias (6-3, 223, So.)
TE - #86 Tom Santi (6-5, 225, So.)ILB - #51 Chris Sintim (6-3, 223, So.)
LT - #66 D. Ferguson (6-5, 265, Sr.)ILB - #44 Kai Parham (6-3, 238, Jr.)
LG - #71 Brandon Albert (6-7, 310, Fr.)OLB - #34 Ahmad Brooks (6-4, 249, Jr.)
C - #62 Brian Barthelmes (6-7, 286, Sr.)CB - #3 Marcus Hamilton (6-0, 187, Jr.)
RG - #78 Marshal Ausberry (6-6, 318, So.)FS - #30 Nate Lyles (6-0, 195, So.)
RT - #69 Brad Butler (6-8, 274, Sr.)ROV - #23 Tony Franklin (5-11, 186, Jr.)
FL - #82 Deyon Williams (6-3, 185, Jr.)CB - #39 Chris Gorham (6-0, 175, So.)
Special Teams
P - #9 Chris Gould (6-1, 190, So.) K - #6 Connor Hughes (6-0, 178, Sr.)
KR - #2 Michael Johnson (5-10, 190, Jr.)PR - #2 Michael Johnson (5-10, 190, Jr.)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Turkey Talk BlogPoll Week 11

2 Texas
3 Alabama
4 Miami
5 Virginia Tech
6 Penn State
7 Louisiana State
8 Georgia
9 Ohio State
10 Notre Dame
11 Oregon
12 West Virginia
13 Florida
14 Texas Tech
16 Wisconsin
17 Florida State
18 TCU
19 Auburn
20 Colorado
21 Fresno State
22 Georgia Tech
23 Michigan
24 Louisville
25 Minnesota

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

'Nuff Said.

A quick take by ESPN on Saturday night's VT-MIA game.

Virginia Tech Hokies 7, Miami Hurricanes 27

It was over when...
The Hurricanes quieted rowdy Lane Stadium and jumped out to a 10-0 first-half lead.

Gameball goes to...
Miami's defense. The 'Canes held the Hokies to 13 first downs and shut down Marcus Vick.

Stat of the game...
8-22, 2: Miami held Vick to only 8 completions and had two interceptions.

*Not to mention FOUR fumbles.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Virginia Tech - Miami Recap

Saturday night marked quite possibly the biggest choke of the year in college football as the Hokies were simply embarrassed on the national scene by a better Miami squad. With practically all of Blacksburg, as well as America watching the clash of the two ACC titans, the Hurricanes came into Lane Stadium and basically dominated the Hokies from start to finish.

Coming into this game I honestly had no worries as a Hokie fan, for I thought Virginia Tech had passed their 'true' test with flying colors in beating Boston College the week before. After a 30-10 drubbing of the 13th ranked team in the nation, I deemed in my mind Virginia Tech incapable of losing at home. Period.

Little did I know that come kickoff time in Blacksburg Saturday night, when faced with the opportunity of maintaining their ACC dominance as well as their perfect record, that Marcus Vick and the Virginia Tech Hokies would pull a bunny-out-of-the-hat routine, and disappear.

No wait a minute, I take that back. Saying that the Hokies disappeared would be wrong, for in order to disappear, you have to actually show up first. Coach Beamer and his entire roster were never there in the first place, and the lack of Virginia Tech players actually wanting to make a play was evident.

From the onset, Miami's athletic players were just too much, and they owned the Hokies all game. Though the Hurricanes didn't rack up a great deal of points (10) during the first half, you could see in Miami's overall demeanor during each and every play that it was going to be a long, long night for Virginia Tech.

Despite the early Miami lead though, I honestly thought that the Hokies would have no trouble making a comeback, especially after Miami's starting quarterback and running back in Kyle Wright and Tyrone Moss respectively, were injured. Unfortunately, just like my overall prediction of who would win, I was horribly wrong, as backup running back Charlie Jones came into the game and ran all over the Hokie defense. With Jones filling in for Moss, the Miami running game didn't skip a beat. Against Virginia Tech, ranked second in the nation in overall defense, Jones racked up 97 yards on 24 carries, in addition to scoring his first touchdown of the year midway through the 2nd quarter.

Simply put, this win has not only the football team in pain, but the entire campus hurting as well. Being a Hokie student, I can deeply reiterate the depressing effect that Saturday night's loss has put on all of the student body here in Blacksburg. As one motto goes, "Blacksburg is a drinking town with a football problem," and unfortunately for the students here, we now have to deal with the problem of seeing our football team's chances at a potential national title, let alone an ACC championship, slip painfully away.

What makes Saturday night's loss even worse as a Hokie fan to bear is that VT had accomplished all they were supposed to in getting to Saturday's matchup. Going into the game as one of only 5 remaining teams in the nation with a perfect record, the Hokies left as one of the many with that one tainted loss. After seeing the Hokies win in their games so convincingly this year, especially at home, the sight of Virginia Tech getting shut down at Lane Stadium was extremely shocking. This will be by far one of the hardest losses that Hokie fans will have to deal with. On that note, one can only hope for the best in the team's remaining two games as they will travel in week 12 to face an always-dangerous Cavalier squad, followed by hosting the North Carolina Tarheels to end the the Hokies' regular season.

Week 11 Rankings: The Fall of the Hokies

After losing to Miami Saturday night, the Hokies dropped to 8th in the AP, yet remainined 6th in the BCS. With that being said, here is a look at the top ten teams in each of the polls.

National Rankings - Teams 1-10
RankAPUSA TodayHarrisBCS
1 USC (57) USC (56) USC (97) USC
2 Texas (8) Texas (6) Texas (16) Texas
3 Miami Alabama Miami Alabama
4 Alabama Miami Alabama Miami
5 LSU LSU LSU Penn. State
6 Penn. State Penn. State Penn. State Virginia Tech
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame LSU
8 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Ohio State
9 Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
10 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Oregon

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hurricanes 27, Hokies 7

Six turnovers for VT, all by Marcus Vick.

Need I say more?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Miami: Bad Blood Remains

Here is a part of a piece by AP writer Hank Kurz Jr.

Miami hasn't forgotten what happened the last time it played Virginia Tech.

"That's definitely something that's in the back of our minds,' quarterback Kyle Wright said.

Virginia Tech won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship a year ago, clinching the title with a regular season-ending 16-10 victory at Miami. It was perhaps the biggest victory in Hokies football history. Now, the fifth-ranked Hurricanes will try to spoil things for Virginia Tech on Saturday night at Lane Stadium.

"This year's a new year, and we want to go celebrate on their field,'' Wright said.

Well Kyle, don't get ya hopes up too high now.

Virginia Tech - Miami Preview

The game we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. As a Hokie fan, this great day could not have come any sooner...

Tonight's heavily-hyped up matchup features America's top two defenses facing off against each other, and it has all the making of another Hokie triumph. Along with having a flawless 8-0 record and better showings against teams that the Hurricanes have stumbled with, Miami will have to deal with quite possibly the loudest and craziest Virginia Tech fanbase they have encountered in years.

With so much at stake for the Hokies, this game has been the talk of the entire campus for practically all season. Virginia Tech fans and Blacksburg residents alike attending the game will be amped up more than ever in attempts of cheering on the Hokies to their 17th consectuive regular season win. When it's all said and done, come 7:45 Saturday night, over 65,000 strong will be as rowdy as ever -- jumping, yelling, and screaming the Hokies for victory.

Though everyone has deemed Miami being Virginia Tech's toughest opponent on the season, I honestly don't think they stand a chance. Virginia Tech has been focused on this match for the entire year, and will be coming out of the gates firing. Virginia Tech's home-field advantage combined with their superior players and coaching will be too much of a factor for a weaker, inexperienced Miami squad. When it's all said and done, the Hokies will come out on top, and in doing so, will take care of the spread as well.

In looking at the Miami offense, their passing game is led by sophomore quarterback Kyle Wright, who is yet to have an impressive showing against a legitimate opponent. His six wins have come against Clemson, Colorado, South Florida, Duke, Temple, and North Carolina, all of whom combined have a dismal record of 18-30 on the year. This year Wright has thrown for 10 touchdowns (7 of which were at Duke and Temple) to go along with 8 interceptions. He comes in to Blacksburg having just thrown 3 interceptions and no scores last week in Miami's 34-16 win over the Tarheels. With this being Wright's first ever trip to Blacksburg, he will struggle under center in the hostile environment. His inexperience will truly show, so look for him to make costly mistakes and commit turnovers. Virginia Tech will feast off the young quarterback's every miscue as he makes his Lane Stadium debut.

Miami's running game is by far their best means of moving the football, as running back Tyrone Moss has been phenomenal for the Hurricanes on the ground. With almost 700 yards to his resume this season, Moss has found the endzone 12 times on the year, good enough for first in the ACC. Making this all possible for Moss has been the success of their huge, experience offensive line. The line averages at 6'5, 303 in size, and four of the five starting linemen are seniors, with the only exception being red-shirted junior center Anthony Wollschiager. With such a talented line and backfield, stopping Miami's strong ground attack will be Virginia Tech's toughest challenge all night.

With all this talk of Miami's offensive game, let's not forget about what has really been holding Miami down this year -- their defensive unit. As the top ranked defense in the entire nation, the Hurricanes have shut down opposing offenses, primarily in the passing game. In last week's victory at Chapel Hill last week, Miami limited UNC to just 86 yards through the air. Led by a strong secondary and defensive line, the Hurricanes have been able to maintain a solid pass rush in addition to their strong coverage. Hokie quarterback Marcus Vick will have to be as focused as ever in addressing such a talented defensive core in order to find success. Look for the Hokies to pound the ball on the ground however, as they will establish the ground attack with running backs Cedric Humes and Mike Imoh.

Final prediction: Hokies 31, Hurricanes 13

Friday, November 04, 2005

Virginia Tech - Miami Info

#5 Miami Hurricanes (6-1 Overall, 3-1 Conference)
@ #3 Virginia Tech Hokies (8-0 Overall, 5-0 Conference)

Time: Saturday, November 5 @ 7:45 PM
Venue: Blacksburg, VA (Lane Stadium)
Series: Miami leads 15-7
Last Meeting: Virginia Tech 16, Miami 10 (12/04/04)
Television Coverage: ESPN
Radio Coverage: 100.7 FM and 980 AM

2005 Completed Games
Virginia TechMiami
Sun, Sep 4 at North Carolina State W; 20-16 Mon, Sep 5 at (14) Florida State L; 7-10
Sat, Sep 10 at Duke W; 45-0 Sat, Sep 10 Bye
Sat, Sep 17 Ohio W; 45-0 Sat, Sep 17 at (20) Clemson W; 36-30
Sat, Sep 24 (15) Georgia Tech W; 51-7 Sat, Sep 24 Colorado W; 23-3
Sat, Oct 1 at (20) West Virginia W; 34-17 Sat, Oct 1 South Florida W; 27-7
Sat, Oct 8 Marshall W; 41-14 Sat, Oct 8 Duke W; 52-7
Thu, Oct 20 at Maryland W; 28-9 Sat, Oct 15 at Temple W; 34-3
Thu, Oct 27 (13) Boston College W; 30-10 Sat, Oct 29 North Carolina W; 34-16

Miami Starting Lineups
QB - #3 Kyle Wright (6-4, 220, r-So.)RE - #95 Bryan Pata (6-4, 272, Jr.)
RB - #30 Tyrone Moss (5-9, 220, Jr.)RT - #98 Baraka Atkins (6-4, 264, Jr.)
FB - #23 Quadtrine Hill (6-2, 228, Sr.)LT - #92 Orien Harris (6-4, 302, Sr.)
SE - #85 Ryan Moore (6-3, 215, Jr.)LE - #90 Thomas Carroll (6-4, 237, Sr.)
TE - #82 Greg Olsen (6-5, 252, r-So.)ROLB - #50 Roger McIntosh (6-2, 231, Sr.)
LT - #74 Eric Winston (6-7, 312, Sr.)MLB - #2 Jon Beason (6-0, 225, So.)
LG - #68 Tyler McMeans (6-4, 329, Sr.)LOLB - #44 Leon Williams (6-3, 238, Sr.)
C - #78 A. Wollschiager (6-4, 281, r-Jr.)CB - #22 Kelly Jennings (5-11, 178, Sr.)
RG - #61 Tony Tella (6-4, 308, r-Sr.)FS - #1 Kenny Phillips (6-2, 200, Fr.)
RT - #64 Rashad Butler (6-5, 287, Sr.)ROV - #19 B. Meriweather (6-0, 188, Jr.)
FL - #83 Sinorice Moss (5-8, 185, Sr.)CB - #24 Marcus Maxey (6-2, 195, Sr.)
Special Teams
P/K - #39 Brian Monroe (6-1, 208, Jr.)FG/XP K - #13 Jon Peattie (6-2, 206, Jr.)
KR - #4 Devin Hester (5-11, 186, Jr.)PR - #4 Devin Hester (5-11, 186, Jr.)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

They're Back...

For the second time in the 2005-2006 season, ESPN and their Gameday crew are coming to Blacksburg, this time to hype up the very anticipated Virginia Tech - Miami matchup. After walking around Alumni Hall today by Squires, stage setup has already begun and pre-game coverage is set to start Friday night.

During the hours on Saturday before kickoff, the Gameday show consisting of host Chris Fowler and analysts Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso will begin as usual at 10.30 A.M. Expect the drill field as well as Main Street to be extremely congested.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vote Vick

Official online voting for the 2005 Heisman Trophy is now underway (actually it has been underway for a few days, I'm just behind) at

The top three vote getters will receive the equivalent of one first, second or third place vote in the official balloting.

Though I want Vick to win, I honestly believe USC's Reggie Bush is most deserving of the distinguished annual award.

With that being said though, to vote for #5, go to

On the year, Vick has led the Hokies to an 8-0 start and a No. 3 ranking in both national polls. He has completed 69 percent of his passes for 1,534 yards and 11 touchdowns while rushing for 319 net yards and three scores.

Catch Vick in action as Tech hosts No. 6 Miami this Saturday in a 7:45 game that will be nationally televised on ESPN.

Lane Stadium Acknowledged in New Book

Lane Stadium Recognized Among College Football's Most Hallowed Shrines
Hokies' home field featured in new book

What makes a College Football stadium come alive? Sporting News Books answers that question with their most recent release, SATURDAY SHRINES: College Football's Most Hallowed Grounds, which explores the very core of all that is the "religion" of college football, The Stadium. Each stadium is defined by the magic moments that give it its own unique, unforgettable personality.

For SATURDAY SHRINES, Sporting News, the most respected sports-information source for the past 119 years, asked their football experts to select the 40 best stadiums in which to experience college football. SATURDAY SHRINES brings the best college football stadiums in the country to life by detailing the setting, the structure, the fans, the mascots, the magnitude of the games played, the marching bands, the traditions - everything that makes watching a college football game a spine tingling experience. By the way, making the selections wasn't easy. That's why there are 15 other stadiums - plus six that are gone but won't be forgotten - added onto the tour.

The following schools are featured: Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Army, Auburn, Brigham Young, California, Clemson, Colorado, Cotton Bowl, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Harvard, Illinois, Iowa, Legion Field, Louisiana State, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, Pennsylvania, Purdue, Rose Bowl, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Virginia Tech, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Yale.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Turkey Talk BlogPoll Week 10

School is kickin' my tail this week, so not a whole lot of time to write. Here are my top 25 though:

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Virginia Tech
4. Alabama
6. Miami
7. LSU
8. Notre Dame
9. Florida State
10. Georgia
11. Penn State
12. Ohio State
13. Oregon
14. Wisconsin
15. Florida
16. Boston College
17. West Virginia
18. Auburn
19. Texas Tech
20. TCU
21. Fresno State
22. California
23. Michigan
24. Louisville
25. Georgia Tech