Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Student Ticket Issue

While going to class today, I was able to read a bit of the Collegiate Times, the student-run newspaper for the Virginia Tech campus. In doing so I found this article by staff writer Nick Vranas or T-Bone as he likes to call himself, complaining about the student ticket lottery, primarily for season basketball tickets. He urges the university to implement a point system rewarding all those who go in attendance, similar to what UNC Chapel HIll does with their ticket program. Here is a brief part of the piece:

"It sounds weird that a season ticket group should have the band in front of them, but that's where my friends and I have season tickets at, Row Z, "Zab's Favs, 'Fo Sho'." My group is 15 seniors who have been to just about every game in four years, starting with the 79-77 loss to Wofford College in 2002 -- disgusting to say the least. We camped out for seats freshman and sophomore year and had season tickets in the inaugural year of the system, getting them in the third row but have nothing to show for our loyalty and dedication.

This past weekend, I was looking down at my third row seats from last year and there were students clad in black and pink and red sitting during the final minutes of the Bowling Green game. The row in front of that was empty. I almost threw up, and not just from the swallowing blood from my high altitude nosebleed, but when I saw kids who I know are sophomores and freshmen sitting in those prime seats."

On that note, my season tickets came in the mail the other day, and I got Row D, the fourth row from the floor. Chyea.

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