Monday, November 07, 2005

Virginia Tech - Miami Recap

Saturday night marked quite possibly the biggest choke of the year in college football as the Hokies were simply embarrassed on the national scene by a better Miami squad. With practically all of Blacksburg, as well as America watching the clash of the two ACC titans, the Hurricanes came into Lane Stadium and basically dominated the Hokies from start to finish.

Coming into this game I honestly had no worries as a Hokie fan, for I thought Virginia Tech had passed their 'true' test with flying colors in beating Boston College the week before. After a 30-10 drubbing of the 13th ranked team in the nation, I deemed in my mind Virginia Tech incapable of losing at home. Period.

Little did I know that come kickoff time in Blacksburg Saturday night, when faced with the opportunity of maintaining their ACC dominance as well as their perfect record, that Marcus Vick and the Virginia Tech Hokies would pull a bunny-out-of-the-hat routine, and disappear.

No wait a minute, I take that back. Saying that the Hokies disappeared would be wrong, for in order to disappear, you have to actually show up first. Coach Beamer and his entire roster were never there in the first place, and the lack of Virginia Tech players actually wanting to make a play was evident.

From the onset, Miami's athletic players were just too much, and they owned the Hokies all game. Though the Hurricanes didn't rack up a great deal of points (10) during the first half, you could see in Miami's overall demeanor during each and every play that it was going to be a long, long night for Virginia Tech.

Despite the early Miami lead though, I honestly thought that the Hokies would have no trouble making a comeback, especially after Miami's starting quarterback and running back in Kyle Wright and Tyrone Moss respectively, were injured. Unfortunately, just like my overall prediction of who would win, I was horribly wrong, as backup running back Charlie Jones came into the game and ran all over the Hokie defense. With Jones filling in for Moss, the Miami running game didn't skip a beat. Against Virginia Tech, ranked second in the nation in overall defense, Jones racked up 97 yards on 24 carries, in addition to scoring his first touchdown of the year midway through the 2nd quarter.

Simply put, this win has not only the football team in pain, but the entire campus hurting as well. Being a Hokie student, I can deeply reiterate the depressing effect that Saturday night's loss has put on all of the student body here in Blacksburg. As one motto goes, "Blacksburg is a drinking town with a football problem," and unfortunately for the students here, we now have to deal with the problem of seeing our football team's chances at a potential national title, let alone an ACC championship, slip painfully away.

What makes Saturday night's loss even worse as a Hokie fan to bear is that VT had accomplished all they were supposed to in getting to Saturday's matchup. Going into the game as one of only 5 remaining teams in the nation with a perfect record, the Hokies left as one of the many with that one tainted loss. After seeing the Hokies win in their games so convincingly this year, especially at home, the sight of Virginia Tech getting shut down at Lane Stadium was extremely shocking. This will be by far one of the hardest losses that Hokie fans will have to deal with. On that note, one can only hope for the best in the team's remaining two games as they will travel in week 12 to face an always-dangerous Cavalier squad, followed by hosting the North Carolina Tarheels to end the the Hokies' regular season.

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