Friday, December 02, 2005

ACC Championsihp Q&A

Fellow Blogger Matt Hofeld, creator of My Opinion On Sports, recently came up with a great concept this week in questioning several other Blog writers about their respective college teams as they approach bowl week. To take a look at the actual page, take this link, but in the mean time here's our little Q&A.

My Opinion On Sports: What gives you the most confidence about your team going into the championship game?

Turkey Talk: The aspect that gives me the most confidence about this Virginia Tech football team is simply the fact that they are strong in the areas that are accredited to football teams that win -- the running game and defense. Running backs Cedric Humes, Branden Ore, and when healthy Mike Imoh have been fabulous for the program this year, and in doing so they have really taken the pressure of rookie quarterback Marcus Vick. Also adding to relieving the pressure off #5 has been the superb play of the defense, whom we all know is excellent year-in and year-out. Bud Foster has really done a marvelous job with this defensive unit and it's good to know that going into every game that you have quite arguably the best defense in the nation. If both of these aspects of Beamer's squad start clicking during this weekend's match up, I have no doubt that the Hokies will come out on top.

MOOS: What concerns you the most about your team?

TT: The thing that concerns me most would undoubtedly be the passing game. VT's receivers have had good games here and there, but as we all saw in the Miami game, they were unable to create anything offensively against the nation's best defense in a situation where the stakes were high. With receiver Eddie Royal battling injury from week to week and Jeff King receiving much more attention in coverage, Virginia Tech now goes into some games without a legit receiving threat, making them one dimensional. If Virginia Tech were to recruit a big time receiver (aka Calvin Johnson, Mike Haas), that would really open things up for Marcus Vick and the entire offense, and the Hokies would most likely be 10-0 right now.

MOOS: If you could take any player from the other team who would it be and why?

TT: See end of #2.

MYOS: Who is a player on your team that gets over-looked?

TT: I would have to say the person who is most overlooked on the roster would be our fullback, #37 Jessie Allen. The senior out of Massachusetts has been a solid helper in the running game, with a majority of his blocks prompting tailbacks like Humes, Ore, and Imoh to break free for those crucial runs. It's not a far statement by any stretch of the imagination to say Allen has been pivotal in helping Virginia Tech in averaging an ACC-leading 225 rushing yards per game. Along having good blocking ability, #37 can come out of the backfield for the occasional catch, and overall is just a workhorse when it comes to strength training as well. All in all a humble guy that doesn't look for any credit, and is overlooked in my opinion.

MOOS: Why is your team going to win the conference championship?

TT: Virginia Tech is going to win the ACC Championship because of the two aspects of their team which I stated in the beginning. Virginia Tech's running game and defense is highly superior not only in production but yardage as well, and will come out on top over Florida State tomorrow night.

Though I was wrong in my prediction of VT beating Miami (chuckle), Ifeel the utmost confidence in the Hokies being crowned Conference Champion Saturday after the full 60 minutes. Expect Beamer and company to run the ball down FSU's throat, along with mixing in a few play actions and roll outs for #5. The combination of Humes/Ore should prove to be successful for the Hokies, and when it's all said and done I think that tandem will prove to be too much for Bobby Bowden and his Florida boys.

My prediction: Virginia Tech 28, Florida State 10. Go Hokies.


dolphinfan said...

Thanks for your participation. I've had a great response.

dolphinfan said...

Man, what happened?

KL said...

Hey Turkey Talk...where are you? I've been checking in daily to see your take on last weekend....

Sadly, I was at the game...very much a downer. But it didn't keep me from writing about it...I need your informed analysis so I can sound smart at Christmas parties!

Go Hokies.