Friday, January 06, 2006

Hokie Football: No More Marcus

Today Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick was officially given the boot, a result of his misbehaving and off-the-field controversies. His "permanent dismissal" has prompted mixed reactions, many of which agree with his consequences as a result of his trouble-making. Here is the official statement on the issue, released earlier today by university president Charles W. Steger:

"Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick has been permanently dismissed from the Hokie football program due to a cumulative effect of legal infractions and unsportsmanlike play.

Virginia Tech had suspended Vick in 2004. The university provided one last opportunity for Vick to become a citizen of the university and readmitted him in January 2005, with the proviso that any future problems would result in automatic dismissal from the team."'s write-up also stated:

"Head Football Coach Frank Beamer met with Vick and his mother this afternoon and informed the quarterback and his family of the University's decision. His recent actions are unfortunate and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Said Coach Frank Beamer, "I'm very disappointed that this didn't have a better ending. We wanted what's best for this football team and Marcus. I certainly wish him the best."


Hänni said...

From one hokie to another, just wanted to say hi!

nacho said...

Hi Turkey Talk! Oh my! you're back!

So strange because I just mentioned you in a post and wondering where you went. Too funny.

Looking forward to your continued coverage.


dolphinfan said...

Welcome back! I was really disapointed in Vick. He was fun to watch and had talent.

I think he will get lost on an NFL depth chart for a while.