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Hokie Football: 2006 Recruit #8 - Michael Gee

Hokies ready for arrival of Gee
April 12th, 2006
by Naeemah McDuffey, Senior Staff Writer

This is the final part of the Collegiate Times' eight-week series looking at some of the incoming football talent for the class of 2006.

In walks a quiet, sometimes distant young man, but out marches a relentless warrior. Mike Gee's transformation on the field is an alter ego that can paralyze even the toughest of opponents.

On the field, the 6-foot-1-inch, 228 pound defensive end from New Jersey is fierce and aggressive, but when the game is over, the gladiator leaves, and a subdued soft-spoken man remains, often with more on his mind than football.

Throughout his high school career, Gee's focus wasn't only on football, but on his family. Gabe Infante, Queen of Peace High School's defensive coordinator (Gee's 2004 school), watched him balance both aspects of his life.

"Mike's a family-oriented kid," Infante said. "They have a difficult situation, so Mike works to help support the family."

Even with responsibilities at home, Gee constantly proves himself out on the field, receiving national and state recognition for his skills.

Gee was ranked as the No. 11 weakside defensive end in the country by and as the No. 7 player in the Garden State by Super Prep.

His quickness on the field and his ability to make plays makes him shine on the field.

"He runs extremely well for (a) kid that size. He really comes off the ball well," Infante said. "He plays well with his hands, and is able to change directions extremely well."

His talent has made Gee a standout player since his freshman year.

"Mike has garnered attention from big time schools ever since he was a freshman," Infante said. "For his size, he’s just very athletic. He's into the curve pretty much throughout. So he's always been a kid that’s got a lot of attention."

Even after moving to three different high schools, his athleticism enticed recruiters to stay on his trail.

Virginia Tech defensive line coach, Charley Wiles, was one of them. He knew Gee's drive to succeed would make him a nice addition to Tech’s squad.

"I think he'll fit in well." Wiles said. "I mean, the guy is very hungry, I think he's very anxious to come down and be a big part of what's going on here in our program. I think Mike is the guy who you know goes the extra mile. I think he's going to fit in real well, he's our kind of guy."

Gee's size should help him achieve on the field with Tech, and his agility will also make him a nice addition to the squad.

"I try to make a lot of plays," Gee said. "I play quick and I just try to be a playmaker all over the field."

Though off the field Gee is described as shy and quiet by many of his coaches, he still impacts the team by allowing his actions to speak louder than words.

"He's not very outspoken," said Madei Williams, assistant coach of Dwight Morrow High School (Gee’s current school). "He probably leads by example. He's the unspoken leader. So he has a big presence on a lot of them (his teammates) on the field and off the field as well."

The Hokies hope to feel the presence of this soft-spoken warrior in the upcoming football season.

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