Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hokie Football: Summer Update

Yes, it has been a hot minute since I put up anything related to Virginia Tech's recently dissapointing athletic programs, but I'll attribute that to me being on the college grind and making that 'difficult' transition to summer.

Realistically though, when it's come to updating, I've just been plain negligent to do any.

But just like a certain former Hokie quarterback/convict, I'll get back on top of things, though maybe not exactly in the same manner this felon might have gone about it. (When it's all said and done, he literally gets on top of things).

With that being said however, as I'm sure you all are aware of, here's a quick recap on some Virginia Tech happenings that have gone down since my last post in early April.

1. April 15: Hokie Football concludes its spring training session ends with the play of the university's annual Spring Game -- In a closely contested matchup, Tech's Maroon team defeats White by a score of 14-10.

2. April 17: Hokie Football head coach Frank Beamer declares redshirt-junior Sean Glennon next year's starting quarterback over other contenders Cory Holt, Ike Whitaker and Greg Boone.

3. April 29-30: The 2006 NFL Draft takes place -- a total of nine Hokies are chosen. Of all the Hokie prospects chosen, perhaps the name that grabs the most attention amongst draft viewers is unselected quarterback Marcus Vick.
1. Jimmy Williams, 2nd round (37th overall), Atlanta Falcons
2. Darryl Tapp, 2nd round (31st overall), Seattle Seahawks
3. James Anderson, 3rd round (88th overall), Carolina Panthers
4. Jeff King, 5th round (155th overall), Carolina Panthers
5. Jonathan Lewis, 6th round (177th overall), Arizona Cardinals
6. Justin Hamilton, 7th round (222nd overall), Cleveland Browns
7. Jimmy Martin, 7th round (227th overall), San Diego Chargers
8. Will Montgomery, 7th round (234th overall), Carolina Panthers
9. Cedric Humes, 7th round (240th overall), Pittsburgh Steelers
4. May 5-7: Ex-Hokie starting quarterback Marcus Vick practices with the Miami Dolphins in the team's rookie camp.

5. May 11: The Virginia Tech Athletics Department announces that the Hokies will play a home-and-away football series with the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers beginning in 2008.

6. May 15: Vick later signs with the Miami Dolphins as an 'undrafted college free agent.' He is assigned the number 16 and is listed as a multi-position player: quarterback/wide receiver/specialist.

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